Zenair Ltd

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CH 601 XL Zodiac

Zenair Ltd is a kit aircraft producer founded by aeronautical engineer  Chris Heintz.

The company was founded in 1974 when Heintz started to manufacture Zenith kits from his two-car garage. Heintz has introduced more than twelve kit aircraft designs. In 1992, Heintz licensed the kit manufacturing and marketing rights to Zenith Aircraft Company for the STOL CH 701 and the ZODIAC CH 601 designs, and has developed the new STOL CH 801 and the new ZODIAC XL for Zenith Aircraft Company.

In 1996, Chris Heintz and Zenair Ltd. obtained FAA type-certification for the Zenith CH 2000, a two-seat low-wing aircraft based on his kit aircraft designs. Aircraft Manufacturing and Design (AMD) manufactures this aircraft as the AMD Alarus CH 2000. AMD also produces the CH 601 XL as a Light-sport aircraft (LSA).